Keto is ” sooo bad for you “

I happen to work in fast food. While most of my coworkers wander into the break room with huge burgers or bagels and chicken fried beyond belief, my meals always look very different. Sometimes the discussions will arise about my diet. In which I explain for health reasons ( because I’m diabetic ) I follow a keto lifestyle. There are three main responses i have gotten so far

  • what is that ? what does it mean ?
  • oh that’s nice good for you
  • and of course the ” oh my god I heard that’s so bad for you and like kills your body”

The last response kills me every time as i watch for the third consecutive day someone eat a double quarter pounder, tell me about how my diet is unhealthy. Nonetheless, when eating a burger every day would literally kill the last of my remaining insulin cells in my pancreas.

When I get responses about how keto is bad for me I try to explain it as simple as possible. I tell them that all it really means for me is a life that’s not high in carbs. And by doing so I maintain a healthy weight, feel more energized, have the clearest skin in my life, and keep my very important cells alive.

Being essentially forced to change to a keto diet after my diagnosis has completely changed my relationship with food. Ive learned how to cook at home. I’ve learned how to enjoy vegetables i would have never otherwise eaten. I’ve cooked meals inspired by all different cultures. And I’ve learned what my body feels like when its actually at its best.

Feel free to share your opinions and how keto has maybe changed your life!

If you are just simply interested in keto check out the get started page for more actual information from science backed sources and professionals !

Who am I ?

Hi everyone welcome to my blog! This past year I was unfortunately diagnosed with type one diabetes. This has caused me to radically change the favorite part of my life… food. At just 30 years old I found myself scared and mourning. So much of my happiness came from eating. Especially foods high in carbs in sugar. The big question became how do I manage my disease, lose weight, while maintaining the thrill of eating delicious food. I found such a sense of relief when I stumbled upon keto dieting. I have made it my mission to help others in need. Many find it is hard to start a new and healthier relationship with food. Wether you are like me battling a disease or just trying to better yourself, this blog will be full of information, science, and dieting programs I have dabbled in that really have helped me. By following a keto diet, I am insulin free, now down to a healthy weight, and in a sugar range of the average person.

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