Who am I ?

Hi everyone welcome to my blog! This past year I was unfortunately diagnosed with type one diabetes. This has caused me to radically change the favorite part of my life… food. At just 30 years old I found myself scared and mourning. So much of my happiness came from eating. Especially foods high in carbs in sugar. The big question became how do I manage my disease, lose weight, while maintaining the thrill of eating delicious food. I found such a sense of relief when I stumbled upon keto dieting. I have made it my mission to help others in need. Many find it is hard to start a new and healthier relationship with food. Wether you are like me battling a disease or just trying to better yourself, this blog will be full of information, science, and dieting programs I have dabbled in that really have helped me. By following a keto diet, I am insulin free, now down to a healthy weight, and in a sugar range of the average person.

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